« A nature lover's paradise, in all 4 seasons! With abundant lakes, wildlife and great snowmobile trails... » — Resident and Lake Temiskaming cottage owner




Kebaowek First Nation

Kebaowek First Nation is a beautiful Anishinabeg (Algonquin) community located on Lake Kipawa. Kebaowek is one of 11 distinct First Nation communities that make up the Algonquin Nation (9 in Quebec and 2 in Ontario). The word Kebaowek comes from the Algonquin word that means “a large body of water where one is from and where one stops and gets off.” 


Our communities vision for all future tourism development is for “Kebaowek First Nation to lead a vibrant, sustainable, community based cultural tourism intuitive, attracting high yield tourists from around the world to experience our Anishinabeg culture, traditions, and territory.” 



Kipawa is a municipality surrounded by majestic lakes that constitute the primary resources of our local community.

Its geographic location invites tourists to spend enjoyable times and to discover the natural attractions of our mixed boreal forests and our wide spaces favourable for outdoor activities.

Our residents are cordial, engaging and stand together. It is an area diversified due to its Quebec, English and Native cultures.

The local economy centers on forestry and tourism. Because of its natural sites it is an ideal area for four season vacationing offering spectacular sceneries that will dazzle the eyes.


Laniel is a vacation paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, with 600 sq. km of natural beauty.


The village of Laniel is nestled in a lovely bay on Lake Kipawa, with its 1000 islands and 1600 km of shoreline.


A unique experience awaits you in this enchanting resort area.


The picturesque village of Laniel is only a 5-hour drive from Ottawa or Toronto.


First known under the name of Long-Sault, in reference to the rapids with the same name along the Ottawa River, Temiscaming owes its existence to the arrival of the Riordon Pulp and Paper Co. in 1918.


The Town was designed along an English concept ''Garden City'' in view of creating a comfortable and pleasant environment in order to encourage workers and their families to settle here.

The Anglo-Saxon architecture, the flower gardens and the works of art of European origin enter agreeably in the natural and sumptuous setting of this company Town built on mountain slope.