Dark Web hackers claim to have “dirt” on Trump, demanding a huge ransom

Dark Web hackers claim to have “dirt” on Trump, demanding a huge ransom. Whether they sell it on dark net markets like these remains to be seen, but this is a strong claim, and is bound to draw lots of attention to the topic.
A disreputable hacking group claims to have some dirty secret of President Donald Trump. They are
requesting for one of the most massive cyber ransoms ever made. And they threatened to release
this “dirty laundry” by next week if the money isn’t paid before then.

Several weeks ago, according to this article cybercriminals stole some private data from US entertainment law firm Grubman Shire
Meiselas & Sacks. After then, they released documents relating to Madonna and Lady Gaga on the
dark web.

On Thursday, in a blog post on the dark web, hacker collective, REvil, mentioned that President
Trump is their next target. This collective holds thousands of documents of the law firm stolen.
The blog post stated, “Donald Trump will be the next person we will publish about.”

“An election race is going on now.” “And while it lasts, we have some secrets we stumbled upon
right on time.”

They added, “To you, the voters, we assure you that you wouldn’t want him as president after
seeing this publication.” “However, we will not spill it now.” “The deadline is in a week.”
Contact has been made with the White House for its remarks.

Through a representative, Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks wrote a statement to Variety. It read,
“Foreign cybercriminals are attacking our government and our elections, as well as our personal

“Law firms do not have some immunity to such malicious activity.” “Yes, we have invested well in
security of the finest technology.” “Yet, foreign cyber terrorists have been able to hack into our
system.” “And now, they demand a $US42 million ($A65 million) ransom. We are currently joining
forces with federal law enforcement, including professionals around the world.” “We hope to tackle
this problem.”

“The leakage of our clients’ documents is an unlawful act by these foreign cyber terrorist”. “The only
thing they live by is extorting high-status US entertainers, companies, government entities and
politicians, and more.”

As said by the firm, other organizations like Goldman Sachs, HBO, and the Defense Department have
fallen victims of similar cybercriminals.

Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks has not been on any known legal matter that represented the US
President. Thus it is quite unclear how this firm is related to Mr. Trump, whose “dirty laundry” is
unknown as well.